In memoriam: Costa Concordia

It can be said, that all started in 2006, at the Inauguration of Costa Concordia, when the bottle of champaign launched did not break. It is considered a very bad sign, definitely not the desired start for the crew and Costa company. It was ok until Friday, 13th January, when after 6 years of navigation, Costa Concordia sank near the Isola del Giglio. It would be very easy to blame the bottle of champaign that did not break, or the destiny: 1912 – Titanic sank, 2012 – Costa Concordia. Or the numerology: 6 years from the inauguration, and 13th January – Friday- the cursed devil’s numbers. But it is very sad to understand that in the 21st century- times of high technology, a man CAN do such terrible mistakes. The more I found out about this case, the more disappointed I get. I see it simple, it started as a game, who’s smarter or the coolest: Captain Francesco Schettino vs technology. Who won?

As you can see in my earlier posts, I worked aboard MSC Splendida, that had approximately the same size as Costa Concordia. I can hardly imagine the moments the crew and the passengers have been through.  I would like to clarify that we had trainings and drills, that were compulsory for everyone aboard. I believe it was thanks to the bar staff, cuisine chiefs, musicians, artists, casino staff, receptionists and cleaners the 4000 people were evacuated. Of course that in a situation of general panic and fear, and the most trained staff, in this particular case: from captain to officers, can forget about the their responsibilities and duties. And I am being sarcastic…

In internet have appeared two phone recordings between the coastguard Gregorio De Falco and captain Francesco Schettino. The Guardian relates that Gregorio De Falco has been called by italians – hero. And indeed, he sounded as a real Captain, a man that makes fast and good decisions, and has the courage and dignity needed to be in control of a situation like that.

After doing an international press review, my opinion is that the captain Francesco Schettino did a series of mistakes, one worst than other, which by the end of the night transformed in a real disaster. In the french press it is assumed that the captain changed the route of navigation, and for navigating closer to the island he turn off the sensors and the security system of the cruise chip. HUGE MISTAKE! The modern cruise ship liners are so well equipped with high tech that would be able to navigate without man’s intervention. The second wrong decision was that during two precious hours it was tried to find some solutions, but it was wrong estimated or ignored the urgency of the accident. The final and significant move of the captain was leaving the sinking ship without evacuating all the people aboard. It would have been faster forgotten by the international press if not the affirmation that ‘he tripped and fell into a lifeboat’. Pathetic…

There is a short movie that sums the 13th of January

My sincere condolences to the families that lost their loved ones, the crew and the passengers of Costa Concordia that had such a terrible night…


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